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Trying to use song lyrics to describe feelings... so cliche. and with good reason.

I'm going away. I promise to return someday. If I don't, I promise to remember you. And we'll share a drink-- so that we can remember -- the way things were when friends were here together.

so with that i'm driving a spike in this journal's heart. i have a new one and odds are youre on my friends list if youre worth it. a few people i just choose not to keep for various reasons. you might just be collateral damage and i'll friend you if you like, but you have to catch me first.

so as i stop posting on ~woolypilot (just finished my 500th post too... what a shame...) i'll ask the question that's been on everyone's mind. too bad no one reads mine anymore.

tell me... what do you think of me? right now! be honest. i'm curious. constructive, fatally brutal honesty.
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June 29 2003, 17:36:13 UTC 14 years ago

you are really good looking
if youre gonna talk shit to me, do it to my face, you coward. or at least have the balls not to post anonymously.
I think that you attach youself to people easily. but i think that ur learning from that. u say everything that u think without realzing that it could offenf someone or someone might not know how to react to it. you like attention yet u dont. sometimes u seem to not be aware of waht u are saying. ur an interesting person, very attractive obviously. musically talented. smart. u have an ego. but allaround a good person
yeah, i do talk too much... and everything else. of course i'll be modest and say that all the positives are not true. and as far as having an ego... well, maybe i seem like i do.
that you need to work on getting plans together and being punctual, because then we could hang out more. Oh yes, and check your phone more to make sure that it didn't get turned off when you want it on, because it isn't on a lot when I call. Mostly just the punctuality, I suppose. You are worth the struggle, but I'd prefer to not have to, you know.
hi erik.

here's what I think of you. I think you give left-wing liberals a bad nam my simply dismissing people that aren't left wing liberals.

I think that you could achieve much more in your life ifyou grow to understand that no one will listen to you if you hate them and openly let them know you do.

And by the way...when i was an underclassman at EGfuckingHS...i did look up to you in a sort of im glad i know you, but i think you were a good example of what I should not be...because frankly while you pissed off everyone at our school, ive gotten people interested...gotten them to fucking listen and not ignore the world like usual. Im not trying to inflate my ego either. trust me. im not about that bullshit. I will willingly devote myself to the behind the scenes public service life if it will better the sht situation is in.

overall, glad to know you, but i wish you wouldnt waste what you could be spreading.

i was way different in high school than i am now. i'm not all in your face about anything, i make out with girls that eat meat on occassion...
we_r_borg. We have assimilated this abandoned journal. Resistance is futile.
Hey, I noticed you had "swastika" in your interests.
Perhaps you would be interested in joining save_swastikas, a community dedicated to educating people on the true meaning of the swastika.
If not, have a nice day, and sorry to have bothered you.
Liberation Now! - The National Student Animal Rights Conference
I saw that you're into animal rights & I thought you might be interested in Liberation Now! It's only 10 bucks which includes the 3 day conference, meals, a free gift bag, awesome speakers, and lots of cool people.
If you know anyone that might be interested, please
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