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Trying to use song lyrics to describe feelings... so cliche. and with good reason.

I'm going away. I promise to return someday. If I don't, I promise to remember you. And we'll share a drink-- so that we can remember -- the way things were when friends were here together.

so with that i'm driving a spike in this journal's heart. i have a new one and odds are youre on my friends list if youre worth it. a few people i just choose not to keep for various reasons. you might just be collateral damage and i'll friend you if you like, but you have to catch me first.

so as i stop posting on ~woolypilot (just finished my 500th post too... what a shame...) i'll ask the question that's been on everyone's mind. too bad no one reads mine anymore.

tell me... what do you think of me? right now! be honest. i'm curious. constructive, fatally brutal honesty.
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