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i don't know why i should post this. if anyone i know shows up i'll probably be mad.

The Siderunners will be playing for free on July 4th 2003. It will be an outdoor party and the Siderunners will be playing on the roof. Details will follow soon.

so thats cool. my reactionary uncle always buys lots of fireworks and we're supposed to go eat steaks and blow them up with him. and he makes us wear goggle and stuff to take all the fun out of them. i mean, fireworks had their time. but celebrating the 4th of july with a propagandhi-lovin country band on some rooftop, really sounds like the real party. maybe i'll drink or something even. j4 is what, next weekend? thats good. oh, and greekfest is today and tomorrow. i hate greeks but i love their hummus, so maybe i'll take a trip out to palestine for that. fuckin hook-nosed curly-haired greeks. with hummus. its like they are arab on the inside and israeli on the outside. whats to like?

i'm still waiting for someone to give me a code to create a new journal. if anyone has one to spare... i can always just give you it back once mine is up and running, i think...

i met my internet friend stacy today. she said i wasn't nearly as creepy as i seemed and then tried to write it off as a compliment. bitch.

i need either a banjo book or banjo lessons. i also need my amp back and i have a handful of stuff that i've been wanting to give to joe because i thought he'd get some use of them for a while, but the tradeoff would be pretty akward what with how they all hate me now... i don't know. i don't hate any of those kids except for how they hate me completely unwarrentedly. i just want to fix my amp up so i can trade it in for some shit i need. i can play mandolin pretty decently for someone who only has ever played them in stores. banjo's coming along fine too, i just need to get more used to the strings and frets and really learn a little technique. tin whistle is hardly even an instrument; i'll shred that to november. i can get by fine on guitar of course. if only i could find a few more of me since i can't play all of those by myself. and then a top-notch fiddler and a drummer and someone who does the 6-string bass. i've been listening to some cd's of old irish reels that i've had for a year and several of the songs are tossers' songs. other ones could easily be rocked out by me, like i can already put it together in my head, just can't play all those instruments at once. i need some kind of scam to get me a mandolin and a tenor banjo. trading in a cheap old guitar and amp won't get me shit, probably not even as much as the hardshell case. maybe i could buy joe's old mandolin and get it fixed up if its not too far beyond repair. i wonder if he ever uses it.

siderunners show on the 4th. i bet its at a barn. jason loveall could get with me if he wanted to.. but dont tell him or i'll feel so stupid. so could rebecca manthe. maybe clay will be there. he lives by a barn i think. by god. i've had maybe 2 or 3 conversations with most of these cocks and i act like we're best friends. then again, on my current scale of friends they are pretty high up by default. if anyone wants to go with me to a party that will most likely be full of south-siders who all know each other like that halloween tossers show of last year... it'd be nice to feel akward with someone else. and you WILL get shredded.

who the fuck is this?
alley (onairlibrary)
alley (onairlibrary)

who's your indie rock girlfriend?
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her head seems to be twisting around like zelda from pet sematary or linda blair. which i have to admit has always been a fetish of mine... and now that shaina's gone i really need my fix. ooh! thats right, i went there.
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