BornAgainVegan (woolypilot) wrote,

i wrote this last night. wouldn't post.

i haven't written in a while. that doesn't mean i have much to say, though. i mean, i said a lot of words. but no substance. i'm a goddamned fool.

on my purity test
OUT OF 100 YOU SCORED: 48.25
What is stopping you now? Go for broke!
The average score for Heterosexual M is 71.33 of which there have been 101 test takers.

i haven't been posting much lately. a lot's been happening but i haven't really felt like letting a bunch of people read it especially since i'm no longer on speaking terms with what seems like most of my lj friends.... more specifically. i need a new name.

i think its goddamned hilarious how hard it is to talk to shaina now. i mean, yeah, i was pretty messed up talkin to her for a while. but now that is over for me and i'm thinking maybe it wasn't all me afterall. from my end it definately feels like she snaps at me and basically has no patience for even the simplest conversation, which would be fine if she didn't then try to act like everything was fine and i was just being crazy. because i feel fine with her now.

the other night my mom said she was concerned with how upbeat i'd been. and how i was always doing things. but mostly how happy i'd been. i don't know, maybe she thought i was on drugs or something, but for the most part she just seemed concerned that i'd been in a good mood. that crazy woman. i'm sad, so she says snap out of it and be happy. now she's trying to make me more depressed. i should stab her, but whatever.

today, friday that is... was the 55th aniversary of the 33 1/3 rpm lp. to celebrate 97. was playing entire vinyl albums, one side, commercials, then the other side with no other interruptions. it was pretty cool. i learned that i hate carol king, the eagles and bruce springsteen. i never had heard enough of any of them at once to really know. later tonight i made paul sit and stuff his face while i put some vinyl ep's on tape. too bad i don't have a decent cassette deck. it was still worth it and paul was too blasted to know what was going on anyways. like sex with the comatose. victimless. i'm sure paul had a blast.

when the judge he saw riley's daughter
well his old eyes deepened in his head
sayin gold will never save your father
the price my dear is you instead
oh i'm as good as dead cried riley
its only you that he does crave
and my skin will surely crawl
if he touches you at all
get on your horse and ride away

riley died. the judge got a curse put on him. t duggins won my heart. i'd let him fuck me. i think. maybe even a donkey punch if he sings for me after i regain conciousness. tossers show tomorrow. tonight. whatever. the first day of summer. its at the fuckin metro. i hope i can find the motivation to go. we'll all shred together. maybe those girls will be there and we can have another dance party. they were fun. and afterwards since its a late show i could stowaway with them and end up at some diner making new friends. well, not really friends probably. i bet they are from the south side. and call chicago "chi-town" and shit. i couldn't ever stand that from any friend.

i want to have a fake wedding. like the kind you'd have if you were a princess to trick your daddy and suitors into leaving you alone about picking one of them. but i want to to get the tossers to come play in my backyard. they could spend most of the afternoon just playing little irish reels while i drink myself fat on odoul's... and then shred. and hopefully bug all my asshole neighbors. then we'd pile up in a pickup or flatbed truck and drive around messing everything up with rock and roll. they'd do it because its my wedding. and i'd be like "aaron, youre too drunk... [punch!]" and he falls under the truck and i'm like "hey duggins... i'm your brother now! and tin whistler!" because i can play the tin whistle part on any of their songs.

eh. i don't have a whole lot left to say. i ran into a bunch of old friends at dennys the other night. they all stonewalled me in spite of a reference to slc punk that i made, which should have been a nice icebreaker since none of us i assume have seen it in years. whatever. fuck them all. they know who they are. except one of them, who is incapeable of being mean. i'm not a bad guy and i'm done making apologies that do nothing to steer me away from the drama that was scripted by a writer for Degrassi Junior High years ago. so fuck it. enjoy yourselves. i'll be quite fine.

man. its 4am and i hear birds chirping outside. its cold, but its summer. i should write a poem about it. i wish i could. or had the will to. instead i'm going to kill myself to sleep. a bit of work tomorrow. and going to the bathroom a few times. maybe a show. thats all my plans. if you think you've got what it takes to hang with a guy like me youre free to try and call me... but i'll have to be pretty selective. i smoked ddr today. did some moves and shit.
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