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not much has happened lately. or has it? i'll talk my shit later. edit this post to be considerate.

its later. not much happened today. i spend about 7 and a half of my hours at work doing a single gigantic math problem. the problem itself wasn't that hard, stuff from high school, but since the engineering side came in to it... well, in engineering nothing is as it seems. not in a fun way either. i could prove something to you about a screw mathematically but in real life... i'm stuck with a job that can't provide interesting fodder for livejournal. telling stories about my really hard math problem shit.

afterwards. jessica came over and dave came over. we went to poplar creek bowl. it was okay. i knew i was about to go over on my budget. i set myself a budget today. its not working out. afterwards they went to geto but i walked over to lazer quest and played ddr. by the end i had a big crowd around me, cheering me on and shit. mostly 7-year-olds... but a few moms and dads too. later i went to dennys with lisa, ran in to laura and others. justin? tex? whatever. they weren't white, thats for sure. gutterballs. a jackie treehorn picture. if only. sorry, i've got lebowski on to my left. nick came by too. seemed a little burnt out. i went home early. at only 1230.

then things got real boring. i played guitar for a while. i like doing that right now because no one hears and 95 percent of what i write i forget so its always new, no one to even worry about impressing. just relaxing. until my fingers started hurting. and the internet was out of new ideas. i read for a few minutes, almost fell asleep. made a few phone calls. well, one. woke myself up, brushed teeth, put the goddamn movie on. pop-up ads.

none of the great things i thought of to talk about earlier are in this post. sorry.
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